Weird Food Combinations

Unlike most weeks Jess and I finally had some time to relax. Unfortunately, because we had some time to relax we may have over relaxed when it came to our normal duties (Such as grocery shopping). Our typical week has us visiting the grocery store 2 possibly 3 times a week. We do a relatively good job of buying ingredients that can be used for more than one recipe however, we just like to make multiple trips a week to ensure that our food stays fresh and we do a better job of sticking within our grocery budget.

However, with this week having nothing overly special going on we planned on devouring our delicious left-overs and clean out some of our snack stuff as well. Everything was going well until I came home towards the end of the week to find Jess sitting with a bowl of salsa and some pretzels…..

Weird Food Combinations

“Salsa…….with pretzels dear…..Really….?!?” I asked.

“Yup” she replies casually as if nothing is out of the ordinary.

“You know if we are that low on food I can totally run to the store today to pick up something up.” I exclaimed.

“Are you kidding me salsa and pretzels are an awesome combination!” She says.

Speechless I tell you speechless! And that’s what got me thinking about today’s post. What weird food combinations that you love that make most people cringe? I personally LOVE …. I repeat LOVE ranch dressing on my pizza. Is this healthy? HECK NO! But it’s delicious! I swear! Jess swears by salsa on her eggs in the morning too. I thought she was crazy until I tried it. Not too bad actually. Now she was swearing by the pretzels and salsa routine and when I tried it I have to admit it wasn’t actually too bad. This then reminded me that my dad loved catsup so much he would actually dip his potato chips in it…. I still haven’t given that one a try, but he says it’s deliciously sweet and crunchy. I’ll spare you the details on how he makes that into a sandwich some days….

So again I ask you… What are your favorite weird food combinations that might make others cringe?

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